“High-octane, casually brutal action keeps the story slipping and sliding through the icy winter streets with touches of macabre humor providing laughter even amid the carnage. Fans of offbeat characters and grisly noir are in for a treat.”Publishers Weekly

"With its cocktail of shotgun pacing, extreme violence and black-as-pitch humor, all of the accolades and praise it’s seen [are] well-deserved."Spinetingler Magazine

McBride’s last book was an instant cult classic. His new novel, A Swollen Red Sun, is already earning wide praise.

“It’s about Gasconade and Franklin Counties, where I grew up and still live. It’s about methamphetamine and gravel roads and tweakers, trying to get by, doing what they do. I wrote about the sheriff’s department, about the river we live on, my friends and enemies and neighbors. The rolling hills I write about are the same ones I see when I look out my window. The sycamore trees and the cottonwoods are the same trees that line these creeks. I literally live in the center of the United States. Wine country. Within a ten-minute drive from our farm there are three wineries. Thirty-minutes away and you’ll find ten more. We live on the Gasconade River; the Missouri River is just down the road. We’re an hour from Lake of the Ozarks, two hours from Truman.

It is a land of uncompromising beauty. But it’s a community of farmers. It’s hard living, and the lifestyle can be unforgiving.”

Matthew McBride, in conversation with Crimespree Magazine